What love means 


What love means

It’s not posting instagram pictures together.

It’s not changing your status of “single” to “in relationship” on Facebook .

It’s not using each others photos as profile photo on WhatsApp .

Or deleting tinder . ( though it’s very important to delete that when you are in a relationship but it’s not love )

Love is –

Thinking all the time about the person you love .

Doing small things to make them happy.

Laughing at their jokes even if you don’t find them funny.

Getting worried about them .

Getting jealous.

Talking endlessly without hiding your insecurities.

Keeping them always before your own self.

Holding each others hand without any reason.

Breaking your rules for them .

Understanding the person even if they are not able to express themselves.

Getting scared when you don’t find that person near you , when you return from work .

Love is when you listen to a love song and you think of that person.

That’s what love is ….

I don’t believe in magic .

 The young girl said . 

The old man smiled . 

You will , when you will see him .

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Qualities that every good parent should have 


Hello everyone I hope you all are having an amazing day .

3 Qualities that every good parent should have .

1) Taking interest in your child’s activities.  

It’s very important to give your child the freedom to do what she/ he enjoys the most , even if you don’t enjoy that activity but try to understand the importance of that activity for your child ( if you don’t like painting , you find it boring but you should try to take interest in it and make your child comfortable ) . It is very important for parents to understand that simply paying fees for your child’s activity is not enough.

2) Don’t give example of your bad childhood . 

There is a huge difference in the parenting style of today and back in the days . Back in the days parents use to be strict but now days it’s different, and many people also have experienced a bad childhood.  But today parents are so understanding because they don’t want to repeat the same with their children , still sometimes by giving a bad example you undo your entire effort , as the child starts thinking in a negative way ( like my parents will also do the same ) .

3) Don’t bring your child between your couple fight . 

The worst thing that you can do to your child’s developing mind is to bring him/her between your couple fights , even a small disagreement can hamper the child’s thinking. Being a couple usually there are small fights and disagreements , but try to make an effort of not displaying these fights in front of your child.  The worst part is that unknowingly they get distracted , they will not show that in front of you but they will Keep on thinking about it .


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3 ways to strengthen your relationship 

Today i searched two questions –

  1.  How long is the average marriage  ?
  2. How long is the average relationship ?

The answers were

  1. the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is eight years . people wait an average of three years after a divorce to remarry .
  2. it only lasts 6-8 months or even few weeks …

2b8d571dc12c279bebf1f48ad4594ff43 ways to strengthen your relationship .

  1. Being yourself –  it is very important to be yourself in a relationship  . If you have any bad habits share that with your partner , don’t hide your real self from them . If you fake it you wont be able to make it in  relationship . 
  2. Accepting each other – A relationship is beyond dates , kissing and holding hands . its about excepting each others weirdness and flaws , its about seeing an imperfect person perfectly . 
  3. Time – All relationship have one very important law never make the one you love feel alone especially when you’re there .  Communicate even when it is uncomfortable or uneasy it is simply the best way to heel .

The couples that are meant to be , are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart , and come out even stronger . d8758065d51a93ad5eec8f1706ef9d83.jpg

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Atelophobia ( word of the day )

Atelophobia – the fear of imperfection . the fear of never being good enough .


I literally  have to remind myself all the time , that being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right , why there is always a feeling of not being good enough ? yesterday only someone discouraged me but that was not sufficient enough to stop me , nothing will ever be .

Be open to haters , because they don’t know that by discouraging you they are making you strong .

We all have insecurities , but we should never let these insecurities overpower our mind because we all know that we are more than our insecurities . Don’t bury your insecurities shout , yell , scream about it but don’t tear yourself by keeping them inside and torturing yourself ,  Let your insecurities out . Only you can fight the bad inside you ( which is your thinking about your ownself )  no one else can do that on your behalf .