Nowadays we want everything fast .. food , clothes and now even love . In the generation we live love is right swipe or left swipe and we have totally forgotten the old school love , like the ones you see in old bollywood movies .. Obviously not the entire movie showing all the dramatic scene is true but the wait , the sweet struggle just to see him , the moments you had to sneak out of your house to meet him .. All of that is definitely true . And it’s totally fine not everyone agrees with this concept but love should be pure , when you love someone you can actually take a bullet for them and not just metaphorically . My grandmother told me once , eyes can speak a thousand words and your man should be able to read your eyes first . In the world 🌎 of right swipe and left swipe , slow down look around you may find your someone special around you and you have been so busy chasing something else that you are constantly missing out on your old school love .

Love positive guider . ©️positiveguiderbymehakmalhotra