Sabr means when you dream of roses but you walk on thorns …

You will be tested in so many ways , you will go through trials and hardships , you will feel betrayed and hurt and sometimes you will see no way out . Sabr is one of the most important thing you will learn , even for those who dont have it , it will grow within you and you have to let it grow to its full potential .

Sabr isn’t passive , it doesn’t mean you do nothing and let everything wash over you . It means striving and not complaining .

Sabr / Patience is power not an absence of action rather it is timing , to wait for the right time to act with the right principles and in the right way .

When you don’t forget to remember god in bad times then why do you forget him in your good times ..

Your sabr is making a way to success , never ever give up .. you are about to reach your destination ..

love p.g