Ten weight loss tips that are even good lifestyle tips as well..

  1. Drink water, especially before meals – Studies have shown that drinking 2 glasses of water before meals helped dieters eat fewer calories.
  2. Drink Green Tea – like coffee green tea has many benefits and one of them is weight loss .
  3. Cut back on added sugar.
  4. Exercise portion control.
  5. Walk – You must go for a brisk walk for at least 45 minutes daily . 1000 steps after every meal..
  6. Eat fiber – It is very important to eat fibrous food when one wants to lose weight.
  7. Apart from walk add some other exercise or sports to your daily activity , for example – running or cycling.
  8. Don’t stress.
  9. Get rest – At least 7 hours of sleep daily.
  10. Eat your meals on time..

Time and Health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.

Eat well, feel good..

Love p.g