My fauji love …

Tall guy

As he was getting dressed in the morning making plans for pre diwali party which as per every years tradition was conducted at the station house and getting dressed for his office , wearing his green overall uniform placing the wings on his chest signifying that he was a fighter pilot and his ranks on his shoulder in a form of strips .


I , who is also writing this story was painting a canvas at that time probably and fighting with my mom about which colour will suit me more red or pink , and the coming story is going to be how I feel in love with a man in uniform ….

Pre Diwali party – 1

It all started at a pre diwali party where i was just texting one of my online crush Abhishek , when my friend who was literally drunk made me notice this 6ft 2 inch tall guy jet black hair wearing long black kurta holding a kid in his hand ..

I was so busy texting my crush that I didn’t even look at him properly , by the time me and my friend rashma joined our friends (technically a batch of people in a party who were not young enough to be called kids or old enough to stand in a bar and openly drink in fauji parties ) , the tall guy was all rashma could talk about .. she even asked ahemad whose parents party it was to go and ask that tall guys name ,

As ahemad approached that guy , she shouted his name because she got scared that he might she take her name and turned away and even we were standing afar the tall guy turned towards me and we were face to face even though his face was not clear … i definitely felt a connection which i ignored ..

Diwali Party – 2

Tall guy was also reshma could talk about the next day that he came to her sister’s house with his squadron , we all were sitting in my garden when rashma got a text from her ex bf , which took her mind totally off that tall guy ..

While me ahemad and rashma were talking about our college and studies and life before both left for their college .. both were hostlers and i was staying with my parents and doing college from the same place , to all the people reading this book single child syndrome is a serious thing .. my parents are a great example of it ..

At 11 pm when I bid them goodbye for a great year head , suddenly i was curious to know the name of tall guy , might as well know the name of mr tall guy as i was going to stay in this station .

I texted rashma , who had not only found out his name but also his relationship status which by the waywas single .. ( even though she totally sounds like a stalker but i can definitely say that she is not one of the creepy one )

instagram chat –

meghana – happy journey ,

rashma – thank you

meghna – hey , do u know that tall guys name ?

rashma – its sameer , fyi he is single ..

meghna – oh ,okay .. thanks (blushing )

Hunting the tall guy on social media -3

I was curious to see how that tall guy looked , so i decided to hunt him on instagram but was just not able to find him and suddenly i realized that i will be able to find him on facebook ( which i hate to admit that i should be more active on fb as my mom guides me to be stay connected with all my friends on fb and instagram is just not enough )

And the moment i typed sameer singh there was his profile on facebook , that tall hot guy , technically on whom all the girls were crazy about .

I decided that i follow the rules always , and i will ping the tall guy ..

Facebook chat

Meghna – hey do i know you ..

2 days passed and there was no reply , 5 days passed there was no reply i felt like deleting the message but i realized that there was no going back on messanger once you text someone .

7 days passed and i just gave up and thought that he was not going to text back .

Suddenly on the 8 th day when i completely lost hope there was a message by sammer there is a reason by people say the moment you lose hope things seem to work out for you ..

Facebook chat

Sameer – i don’t think so

Meghana – all panicky by seeing he actually responded – no i saw you at pre diwali party ( just realizing how her curiosity turned into desperate attempt to talk to a hot guy )

Sameer – wait you are from air force station

Meghana – yes , ( badly trying to recover from what she just said ) i think i mistook you for someone else .

Sameer – no problem

We kept chatting for 2 hours the first day .. we kept pinging him .. we also became friends on instagram ..

I really liked him , but was always upset that we stayed 500 meters from my house but never ever tried to make any effort to meet me as a friend or ask her out for a date .. when it was completely clear that i had a crush on him .

Suddenly we both stopped , even when i tried i was not encouraged by him maybe because of the age gap or he was simply not interested in me .

When we saw each other in mess we just looked past each other , full on ignore as if we don’t know each other at all .

My crush for him was crushed into pieces for him is what i thought and felt …. and oh dear lord my heart ached ..

PART – 2

As they say life is a roller coster ride and the world is very small and our fauj is smaller than the world ..

2 years later

In 3rd year of my college i started working in Mh (Military hospital ) as an intern in psychology department , it had almost been a year since i was working there . my old crush was a history and neither he was posted there anymore but my father was .

As my day went by in hospital checking file’s , reading case study … i saw a guy 6’2 walking straight in my direction and over the year I had definitely convince myself that not every tall guy is him but surprisingly this was him and to my shock he came up to me and asked where is the ICU , me who was all nervous just directed him somehow towards the ICU . And it was for sure that he had no clue who i was but he did turn his head to see me once again and at that moment i realized that maybe now he has a clue .

I gathered myself mentally and when the nurse came from behind and pinched me popping my dream bubble and handing me a file and asking me to go and talk to this patient so that the doctors can come to know how she is doing . especially my boss even though he was a PHD and it was his duty to deal with all the senior patients and to inform abut critical situation or death to the family it was always me ding all his work , maybe that’s what u get being a psychology non paid intern in a hospital .

This time it was a ICU patient , standing outside the door when I opened the file and read the name aloud , it was Nareeem kaur and the moment I entered the room , I saw him standing oh god the tall guy I felt as if I will faint ( he always had this kind of reaction on me ) . Totally pretending I really don’t know him and acting professional and going to a state of even imagining he must me married . I wished him and the lady on the bed , asked him what relation he had with her , he said she is his grandmother .. I asked him to leave and it was important for me to interact with his grandmother one to one .. when i came out of the room he stopped me and asked me about his grandmother and i informed him everything is fine but she is stressed a lot about something and is feeling depressed a little because of the surgery , she just might need one weeks counselling .

And then he asked me the moment i started walking ahead are u Group Captain khannas daughter and at that moment the whole room was on a 360degree rotation and i turned my face towards him and said yes and you are flight lieutenant sameer singh and he smiled and said yes .. and oh dear sweet jesus i was beaming like somebody had fixed a government school tube light and it was so bright that it was hurting everyone’s eyes ..

The billiards game – 1

It was a tradition that me and my father enjoyed following billiards game every evening in the mess , so as we were done with the game . I told me my father that I will join him in 5 minutes i have some work at the mess reception and again I saw him sitting here .. automatically smiling like an idiot in my head .. as I enquired about something with the reception guy and the moment I was done I went up to him with all the courage even though realizing that it was completely normal for me to ask my bosses patients family that who is the patient ding ..

Hey sameer how is your grandmother , he was sitting n the couch and immediately jumped up

Oh she is not doing fine , she doesn’t find the therapist at Mh relaxing and she doesn’t want to go home so she is staying with me in my room …

Meghana – Oh you got posted here gain

Sameer – grinning – Yes

Meghana – I can help , I can come and take sessions it’s just a week ..

Sameer – Hesitantly – kay , just tell me the charges

Meghana – No charges until I complete my ma …. I have to go ….

Sameer – Yeah bye

Meghana – Bye

Sameer – Oh wait I need your number

Meghana – Yeah ..

And that’s how we exchanged numbers .. and me suddenly realizing that he might be engaged or married but luckily was not able to spot a ring … at least for right now ..

Tall Guys Grandmother -2

To my surprise in the morning i actually got a text from sameer , hey morning what time will u come to see my grandmother and I replied between 5to 6 pm

As I approached his room my mind was filled with thoughts like what if he is married or engaged .. he will probably be engaged .. as I rang the bell entered his room , I truly saw no sign of a girl .. for first two days there was no as such conversation between us but on the third day when he came to the Dr with me so that he could ask me how his grandmother was ding .. with all my confidence I showed him a article on my phone concerning depression after going through surgery .. a message popped up on my phone which was by my best friend

Why can’t you leave sameer alone , u are still into him .. for god sake there are so many other tall guys other than him ..

It was on my notification list , i had no idea while i could see his facing turning so red as if a local beauty parlour aunty had thrown lot of blush on him .. he handed me the phone .. maybe there is a message from your friend .. as I saw the message i could feel my face turning into a brighter red than his face all I could say was chalo good night I will leave it’s getting late ..

I was not expecting any text or call from him , but at dot 5 : 30 pm I got a text from him .. are you not coming today .. and I quickly replied no just got late from college will be right there ..

As my session got over with his grandmother i was still feeling very embarrassed about what had happened but decided it was in my best interest in order to never bring it up , especially to a guy whose relationship status was also not clear to me ..

As I said good night he stopped me , and suddenly out of no where asked me would I like to join him for his coursemates wedding .. and the only question I could think of was are u not engaged or married .. he started laughing and said no .. so its a yes or no and i will drop u before 10 pm it’s in Amritsar .. and I said yes ..

I got all ready … we both were talking about everything all the way … the wedding was a typical Punjabi one … after the wedding was over the moment we entered the station instead of taking the turn for my house he took a turn for the mess .. i was so confused and anxious .. he asked me to get down and i had no clue .. he directed me towards the small garden leading the way which was beautifully decorated it was around 10 pm and no one seem to be around and the moment I reached the garden he got down on his one knee took a ring out was his pocked and asked me .. will you be my someone special and before I could say anything he went on I know this all is happening too quickly and believe me I am not rushing into things either , I have liked you for a very long time and so have you and we both are looking for life partners ..

And all I could say was yes ..

He got up held me tight in his arms .. his embrace was so strong , that I felt save .. he bent down his head and kissed me …

Thats my fauji love .. my tall guy man in uniform was all I could think ..