Always remember

  • Someone will always be prettier , someone will always be smarter , someone will always be younger , but they will never be you .
  • Your age doesn’t define your maturity , your grades don’t define your intellect and your rumors don’t define who you are .
  • If its not gonna matter in 5 years , dont spend more than 5 minutes being upset by it .
  • Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen , but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want .
  • Everything happens for a reason , it might not make sense right now but at the right time it will .
  • Sometimes life doesnt give you what you want , not because you dont deserve it . But because you deserve so much more .
  • You cant control everything , sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out . Let go a little and Let life happen .
  • One day you’ll look back and realize that you worried too much about things that dont really matter .
  • Falling down is an accident , staying down is a choice .
  • Scared ? good because we don’t grow when we stay inside our comfort zone .
  • Whats broken can be mended , What hurts can be healed and no matter how dark it gets , the sun is going to rise .
  • The biggest wall that you have to climb is the one in your mind .
  • No matter the situation , never let your emotions overpower your intelligence .

The sunrise , of course doesn’t care if we watch it or not . It will keep on being beautiful , even if no one bothers to look at it .

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Love positive guider .