The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

The biggest challenge with our education system right now is that we have completely become immersed and completely focused on caliber as opposed to character . I don’t think we have evolved to think more about character , values , resilience , grit , patience and determination. When those are the skills that actually help us navigate our life.

When you have someone that you love passes away , math , English and Science don’t help .

When you are going through a troubling situation in your life history is not going to come to your rescue .

When you are moving countries or trying to start a business , the economics you learn at school doesn’t even help or apply.

So I find the real challenges in life are not being trained with us and hence we see the people who go through the education system, regardless of them becoming millionaires and billionaires , successful people etc does not mean they know how to navigate life.

The core of education has to be about navigating life which starts with navigating your mind and if education is not able to help you navigate your mind then other stuff is just insignificant

When we are kid we are told to fit in and when we grow older we are asked to stand out .

So I think what our education system should do more is to help people navigate their mind that with a priority built with a foundation of subject, skills , talent etc. It will just lead to a much more happy society and environment.

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.