Heart or Brain

A mind all logic is like knife all blade. It bleeds the hand that uses it

it goes without saying that this quote by Rabindranath Tagore portrays the true mindset of people all around the world .

To start with ,imagine a situation that You are already being late to your work . All of a sudden you find a person who has met with an accident. The question here is would you continue and mind your own business or stay there and help him…!?

Most of the people would ignore the situation and continue , your logical brain will tell you to continue and your emotional brain will tell you to stop and help that person . But we always prefer our logical brain and only listen to it , that’s what rabindranath tagore wants to highlight by this quote All logic and no emotion makes a person madman. Simply if you used a knife which was all blade and had no protection, you would cut yourself and bleed. He compared that to a mind that was all logic and nothing else. A person having such Mind would go mad and will end up harming himself only .

In a world like this we need to take actions , find out solutions using both our brain and heart , both of them are like spice and salt if you use them in excess you will spoil your dish , if you use them in less quantity your dish will turn out to be bland . You need to use both the ingredients in equal quantity for a perfect dish.

I think that’s how life works you have to use your logical and emotional brain according to the situation , its never all logic or all emotion .

To sum up a purely logical person will never be able to appreciate all the quirks and intricacies that characterise this beautiful world that we inhabit. And we would ultimately end up causing damage to our own lives and relationships .

There is a wisdom of the head , and a wisdom of a heart you cannot work without both of them .

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  1. Superb! Splendid and brilliant post! your post makes a lot of sense and a brilliant message to all of us who only uses logic and no emotion in allmatters.
    You can never be a good human being unless you demonstrate your true emotion!
    I just loved your post!
    Hey! whats your good name and where are you from!

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