Last part of life with chronic illness , I hope you all will like my post .

Acceptance of illness is a very important part of healing , sometimes people don’t want to accept that they are facing a problem or suffering from a particular illness . Its very important to accept that you have a problem and deal with it.

Have faith that you will recover because eventually you are going to , let this positive attitude be a part of your healing

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation it means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way through it .

I understand it can be tough , most chronic pains are indescribable they are impossible to handle but believe me the moment you will accept that you have a particular problem you will automatically start working towards it , you will try to broaden your perspective about it and most importantly you will stop ignoring it .

Don’t let your fear make you weak , you know that you are stronger than this .

Fear will make you weak and acceptance of your illness will make you strong .

Love p.g

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