Pain management is not that easy as it sounds , ignoring constant pain in your body or some other part is very tough .

There are two ways to manage your pain either you can be active or show passive behaviour – ALWAYS BE ACTIVE that’s how you deal with your pain .

Be active and try to ignore your pain consult your doctor about what types of activities you can indulge in when i was on bed rest i used to read a lot .

Now days i paint, read , write , do my physiotherapy exercises and sometimes cook to divert my mind ( try yoga exercises only after consulting your doctor ) . Someday’s i just don’t feel like doing anything but i still get up and do all my work , Physical fatigue is very bad don’t do too much of activities in just one day split your activities for the day .

Try to avoid taking stress it has a direct effect on your body , if you are not able to complete your days task its okay don’t take stress about it . Try to avoid negative thoughts and self talk its the worse thing you can do to yourself .

God throws challenges only towards those who he believes can handle them .

Love p.g

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