I wanted to talk about this topic from a very long time .

Suicide is not a joke , according to google every year one million people commit suicide worldwide . every 40 seconds or 3000 per day .

We all experience such moments in our life which force us to believe that there is nothing good or meaningful in our life and there is no worth for our existence .

Its very important to overcome this thought to understand the meaning and importance of your life , maybe right now you are alone , maybe right now you are struggling , maybe be right now there is no one to hear you out . All these things are temporary and will not last forever .

If someone right now reading my blog are having thoughts even close to suicide , here are some ways to prevent suicidal thoughts –

  1. Call someone for help right now . india – 02227546669 , usa – 1-800-273-8255
  2. Speak with someone about this , maybe your mother , sister , roommate , brother , your friend , anyone .
  3. Try to take interest in different activities like praying , reading ,gyming etc
  4. Avoid usage of alcohol and drugs .
  5. Adopt a pet , dogs are really helpful .
  6. Always look at the positive side , not on the negative side .

Your life is of great importance , please enjoy and live every moment . we all care about you , we all are here for you , you just need to look at the bright side because there is always a bright side in a dark room .

Inspiring story of people who overcame suicide

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