lets talk about suicide – suicide prevention

I wanted to talk about this topic from a very long time .

Suicide is not a joke , according to google every year one million people commit suicide worldwide . every 40 seconds or 3000 per day .

We all experience such moments in our life which force us to believe that there is nothing good or meaningful in our life and there is no worth for our existence .

Its very important to overcome this thought to understand the meaning and importance of your life , maybe right now you are alone , maybe right now you are struggling , maybe be right now there is no one to hear you out . All these things are temporary and will not last forever .

If someone right now reading my blog are having thoughts even close to suicide , here are some ways to prevent suicidal thoughts –

  1. Call someone for help right now . india – 02227546669 , usa – 1-800-273-8255
  2. Speak with someone about this , maybe your mother , sister , roommate , brother , your friend , anyone .
  3. Try to take interest in different activities like praying , reading ,gyming etc
  4. Avoid usage of alcohol and drugs .
  5. Adopt a pet , dogs are really helpful .
  6. Always look at the positive side , not on the negative side .

Your life is of great importance , please enjoy and live every moment . we all care about you , we all are here for you , you just need to look at the bright side because there is always a bright side in a dark room .

Inspiring story of people who overcame suicide

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16 thoughts on “lets talk about suicide – suicide prevention

  1. and for us who might know someone who has this thought, our role is to be there when they need us. We must not break this promise. We walk the talk. We must always let them feel our love.

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  2. As a person who often contemplated ending my life, and unfortunately have family members who teeter on the cusp, I appreciate the information. By the way, I’m happy to report that my personal suicidal tendencies are long gone, and I’m so glad I didn’t carry through with the deed.

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