Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over , she began to fly .

Happy new year

For all those people out there reading my blog today , thank you so much for reading my blog .

Finally we have completed 365 days today , we have survived an entire year despite of all the difficulties . Now when you think about your entire 2017 delete all your problems for a second and think about all the beautiful things .

2018 will be awesome , even if it is not . I am pretty sure we all will make it awesome .

5 things to remember for 2018

  1. Be more positive .
  2. Be open to other peoples perspective .
  3. Helping others .
  4. Making people smile around you .
  5. Trying out things that you are scared of .

If i will get a chance to sum up my 2017 , it would be something like this …

It came upon me like a harsh wind , and it made me feel as if i will not be able to survive it but i did because it was my brain which lost all the hopes . But my heart was alive and strong . Its true that sometimes your brain gives up and your heart helps you to reach the finish line and gives you a chance to start it all again with all the positivity and gods blessing .

Welcome 2018 , peace out 2017

( Don’t give up even if the beginning is hard because the end is always beautiful – positive guider)

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