4 ways to fight depression –

1) face your fears –

F.E.A.R has two meanings –

face everything and rise or Forget everything and run  .

Don’t let your fear take over your life because fear doesn’t have any end , it continues as long as you let it to .

It’s like a ghost inside you if you don’t kill it , it kills you.  You can fight your depression only if you kill that ghost ( fear ) inside you . Your fears are tough to overcome but it’s not impossible.

2) You cannot have it all

The problem with most of the people is that they want everything , perfect family life , perfect professional life and perfect social life . It’s not bad to aim for perfection but by getting disappointed when you are not able to achieve it , some people start crying,  some get angry and some are not even able to express their feelings which in return harms their health.  It is very important to realise that a person cannot have it all , ups and downs are a part of a person’s life and one should never harm himself or herself because of it .

3) Get Active

Whenever you are depressed fight it by getting out of your house , pick your phone catch up with your old friends , do something creative , read books or do anything that helps to divert your mind .

I miss me .

My smiling me .

My old me .

My happy me .

My bright me .

The gone me .

4 ) Express your self

You smile but you want to cry , you talk but you want to be quite . You pretend to be happy but you are not . 

Express your self , don’t think that nobody cares about you because their are some people who actually care about you .

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Love p.g 

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