What love means

It’s not posting instagram pictures together.

It’s not changing your status of “single” to “in relationship” on Facebook .

It’s not using each others photos as profile photo on WhatsApp .

Or deleting tinder . ( though it’s very important to delete that when you are in a relationship but it’s not love )

Love is –

Thinking all the time about the person you love .

Doing small things to make them happy.

Laughing at their jokes even if you don’t find them funny.

Getting worried about them .

Getting jealous.

Talking endlessly without hiding your insecurities.

Keeping them always before your own self.

Holding each others hand without any reason.

Breaking your rules for them .

Understanding the person even if they are not able to express themselves.

Getting scared when you don’t find that person near you , when you return from work .

Love is when you listen to a love song and you think of that person.

That’s what love is ….

I don’t believe in magic .

 The young girl said . 

The old man smiled . 

You will , when you will see him .

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