Ill never fit in
Thats my best quality.  

We all are criticised at some point of time in our life . 

According to my culture I am supposed to be a short girl and super thin but I am opposite to that , sometimes it creates a fear inside me that whether people will ever stop taking out mistakes in me . 

I have learned 3 ways to overcome this fear of being inadequate.  

1) Be proud – 

Be proud of your effort and hard work , maybe right now you are not where you want to be but someday you will definitely achieve it . 

 I don’t have it all together but I am working on me . I want to remain in a constant state of improvement . That’s my idea for a perfect life . 

2 Speak up – 
How will you find your inner talents if you will not speak , interact and explore. Express your feelings, don’t hide them by hiding them you are hurting yourself more and more every day.  

The deepest feeling I felt was denying my own feelings to make everyone else comfortable.  

3) Stop thinking about what others are thinking about you  . 

It’s not your problem that what others are thinking about you . Your concentration should be on what you want to achieve in your life . Joy does not simply happen to us , We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday . Negativity – it can only effect you if you’re on the same frequency , vibrate higher.  

The only person that you should try to be better is the person you were yesterday, wake up with more positivity everyday and leave the Negativity behind . 

Love p.g