When a person achieves success , he always forgets the struggle he faced to achieve that success in life and when they fall back they realise the intensity of struggle they faced to achieve their goal but just because of their attitude they are at the same point from where they started. Never stop looking at the star but always keep your feet on the ground . Even if you achieve all the success in your life , never forget to make your self realise every day from where you started. 

You can sit and cry about your bad past or you can make the best out of your today and Learn from it . 

God gives problem to only those , who he believes can handle them . If you think that you have all the problems in your life , take a look around you that will make you feel blessed and you will thank god for your life . 

Beauty is not in having a zero figure or being tall or short . It’s in how you shape your life , it begins the moment you decide to be yourself . When you start loving every moment of your life , bad or good . It’s beautiful when you start loving your self . When you want to do things not because of others but because you want to do it. 

Be the boss of your own life . 
Love p.g