Hello everyone I hope you all are having an amazing day . 

Thank you to all my followers for being an essential part of my journey.  

There was no specific reason for starting this blog , I started writing because I was not well and was on bed rest because of my severe back problem , which is now better but it was very tough for me being a 17 years old to adjust all my activities around that pain , those 4 months were really a bad experience for me but all is well when it ends well . So just to divert my attention , I started reading more books , blogging and now it is a very important part of my life to spread positivity so that all those who are going through a negative phase , never leave hope for the sunshine.  

3 months and 3 award nomination and 1 award , I am really grateful of all those who nominated me . 

Blogging Tips 

  1.  Don’t ignore,  negative comments especially when they are highlighting a grammatical mistake or the pattern of your website/ blog site because it has helped me a lot to improve.  
  2. Use pictures to make it interesting. 
  3. Read it 2 -3 times before posting it . 
  4. Use appropriate tags .
  5. Write for yourself and be positive.  

    Love p.g