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3 ways to change negative situations into positive.

1) Control your actions and response

It is very important to control your actions and response , when something negative happens around.  For example – If someone is acting in a negative manner,  which is making you angry it doesn’t mean that you also start howling or throwing stuff , if you respond out of emotion you will make things worse . Definitely after sometime you can confront that person.

2) Don’t allow your opinion of someone become jaded by a negative situation.

Being positive in negative situation is not naive , it’s leadership. Let every situation be what it is,  instead of what you think it should be . Train your mind to see good in every situation. Let your faith be bigger than your fear .

3) Acceptance of mistake

If you know that you have made a mistake,  acceptance makes it easy . People may get angry at you ,  but you know that by confessing your mistake you did the right thing .

Love yourself. 321c3c715ca4e6f98b8471413c28f679.jpg

Love  p.g