Psithurism – The sound of rustling leaves.  

A Chill in the air 

A crispness under my foot 

A warm cup in my hand 

A cozy blanket wrapped around me 

A taste of pumpkin on my tounge 

Finally autumn is here 

Autumn is my second favourite season after winter . 

The way trees shed their leaves , similarly we must shed our past , over and over again for a new beginning.  

Autumn is a season from which we should take a lesson , that we should let go of the bad things and hold on to the good things that makes us happy . 

Holding on to bad memories is very harmful,  because at that moment you are continously thinking about the things that you have lost .

 Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. 

Things that I love about autumn 

Cozy sweaters 


Warm drinks 


Long walk and cold weather 


Question of the day .. 

  1. What is your favourite thing about autumn ?
  2. Do you think , that I should write a post on autumn fashion ? Yes /No 

Love p.g