Eudaimonia – a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous .


Health is a state of body and wellness is a state of being , if you are fit from outside but not mentally then your physical fitness is of no use . it is very important to be mentally healthy .

Every situation in life is temporary . So when life is good , make sure you enjoy it fully . And when life is not so good , remember that it will not last forever.

For a positive and healthy life always remember, you don’t have to control your thoughts , you just have to stop letting them control you and when you let go you create a space for better things in life which at the end leads you towards a happy , healthy and prosperous life.

Six ethics of life for a healthy mind

  1. Before you pray – believe
  2. Before you speak – listen
  3. Before you spend – earn
  4. Before you write – think
  5. Before you quit – try
  6.  Before you die – live 1238810886fcd07b3fddf5d922260abd

feel free to share your opinions and problems here , happiness is everywhere you just have to relax your mind , you will automatically find it …..

love p.g