Hello everyone,  I hope all of you are having an amazing day . 

The other side of life , somewhere I think we all have a tendency to judge people without knowing their problems,  she is beautiful her life must be perfect or she / he is intelligent their future is bright and so on many other things but we never know the other side of their life and how much care and effort they put in doing something and have the full strength to do what they love despite of so many problems . 

Being different is not bad that is what makes you special some people are amazing writers , others dancers and some painters . Don’t judge them by how they look , judge them by their talent , hard work and their persistence to follow their dreams . 

we all come across tough situations in our life but it hurts when one person judges another one just based on temporary situations . 

Believe in spreading kindness , it helps you to grow as a person .  

There is a lot to look out in the world better and beautiful. 

We all have a negative and a positive side but none of these sides allow us hurting people .. 

Love p.g 

Please share your opinions because they matter 😀