PhotoGrid_1501491604870Thank you for nominating me    The undomestic writer    it means a lot for me as it’s my first ever nomination , I hope you all will go and check her blog  .

Importance of versatile blogger award 

The versatile blogger award features who love what they do and features their passion virtually.  As the Web page of versatile blogger award says : Honour those bloggers who bring something special in your life weather everyday or only now and then .

Rules for nomination 

  • Thank the person who nominated you .
  • Nominate upto 15 bloggers for this award and inform them . 
  • Share seven facts about yourself . 
  • Put the logo of versatile blogger award and display the rules also

Seven facts about myself  

  1. I am an ambivert 
  2. I love reading and collecting books  ( big fan of Harry potter ) I am a girl lost in fiction books more than school text books . 
  3. A die- hard  foodie  ( specially Indian ) 
  4. Apart from books I like painting and collecting stationery stuff . 
  5. I am very expressive when it comes to my opinions . 
  6. I love travelling and meeting new people .
  7.  I just love writing because it helps me to express who I am .

Here are some people I would like to nominate for this prestigious award .

Please do leave the link to your blog if u decide to do so . I would like to know more about you .

Love p.g