Her first patient ……

A body was lying all covered in blood she was standing close to that body and suddenly every one entered the room and started screaming and then all went black …….. she woke up all covered in sweat and one drop of tear rolling down her cheek ( she was shivering ) it was one of her bad dreams . It was her first day , she got out of her bed and dressed up . Sasha got a job in a hospital as she was a psychologist , she completed her degree and then moved to London.

At the office she was introduced to kade her senior doctor,  quite handsome and taller than her somewhere about 6’1 ft with dark brown eyes and black hair with a fair complexion whereas she was a bit tan . He gave her a formal tour and told her that for 6 months she would have to work under him . After all the briefing,  the first patient of the day came in  , kade told the patient to describe about himself and  his problem from the beginning so that they can catch up .

Patient – so basically I have continuous bad dreams , whenever I go out in public it seems that people are shouting at me like killer ! Killer ! 

Sasha – when did all this Begin ? 

Patient- just the moment I completed my high school . 

Sasha – did anything happened at your high school ( bit nervous while asking and  slight  of shiver in her tone ) 

Patient – I use to rag a gu….guy (stammering  ). The night before the prom we went to his dorm , ( sasha was sweating despite of the air conditioner working properly ) … 

Sasha – then what ? 

Patient – we teased him about his girlfriend and then went back to our dorm ….

Sasha – ( in a bit of high pitch and giving pressure ) then what ? 

Kade- (  suddenly clasped her hand under the table and pressed it tight , brought his lips close to her ear and whispered ) be calm . 

Sasha -( suddenly realised that she was behaving like a police officer investigating a criminal ) sorry  . 

Patient – no problem,  the next day he died , but I was not his killer which was later on proved to be correct , but still people blamed me . 

Kade- don’t worry , we have a solution for that you just need to be ….. ( inturupted by sasha ) 

Sasha -I think I forgot something in my car , can I just bring it here it’s very important. 

Kade – what is it that is so important  ( a bit anger in his tone  ) 

Sasha – my reading glasses. …… 

Kade- ok go . 

Sasha went towards her car opened it and sat inside , she looked around when she saw no one she closed her car windows and started screaming and tears rolling down her eyes , after 5 minutes she took a tissue wiped her face  got hold of her glasses , stepped out of the car locked it and then went up to the office.  

( when she entered the room the patient was gone ) Kade was a bit angry with her behaviour and when he asked her why all this happened,  she told him that it was her first patient that is why she had no idea how to deal with him , ( kade found that answer a bit absurd ) but still they continued their day .

Coming back  to London was really a foolish  thing she did accordingly to her though she was born here and her entire family was living here but all the bad memories connected with her high school occurred back .

When she reached her apartment and went upto her dressing room opened the drawer of her armoire and took out a picture buried deep inside her cloths , the picture had a blood stain on it . ( suddenly the bell of her apartment rang ) she hastily stuffed the picture back and closed her armoire  .

When she opened the door there was a bouquet lying on her doorstep , then her phone started ringing it was him …..

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