We all get angry , it’s the most basic and universal emotion . Sometimes the way you express your anger may harm the other person including your own self but at the same time if you control your emotions it may harm you further more . 3 ways to express your emotions constructively.

1) confront the person

If you are having a problem with a person or a certain habit is making you angry confronting them directly might help you to solve the problem and your anger .

2) Indulging in activities 

Rather than shouting or throwing stuff you can indulge in sport activities like boxing ( which helps a lot ) or thing that you like for example – cooking or painting.  Meditating also helps for controlling anger .Give yourself time to change . 

3) Don’t engage in ‘self talk that burns ‘ 

We all do self talking , negative self talking may harm your personality,  thoughts and emotions so it’s better not to engage in negative self talking . By positive self talking you can motivate yourself and develop confidence which may help you to fight your anger .  Engage in self – modeling ( be the ideal for yourself ) .

Explain your anger don’t express it , and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments. 

Love p.g