Chapter – 1

What was it  ….

sasha  sat morosely contemplating,  looking at her old high school picture and suddenly she got up from her seat  and burned those pictures . After 5 years she was sitting there and thinking, that how mean she was with people earlier she totally had no idea what she was doing until she went to college and faced the same things she did with others and now she got a job ,  she had moved on and improved a lot but there was one thought which always disturbed her , nobody had any idea , she had entirely changed from her hair to her dressing sense from short skirts to formal trousers and from pink hair to her natural colour.  Sasha was very beautiful, a bit chubby but tall like 5’9 ft with green eyes , her father was a rich business man and after his death her mother was running the business but still nothing changed they were still rich may be better than before ,but what changed her from a girl who loved wearing Louis vuitton heels to one wearing sneakers , from a girl always laughing to a girl now sitting quite in a corner,  what had happened that changed her so much …..

Why did she burned the pictures ?

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