Generally it happens that we are able to find the topic for our blog but are not able to find the content,  4 easy ways to find content for your blog . 

1) Taking the extra point 

Reading is very important,  I know that some people like reading where as others don’t , so the best way to do research for your topic is to take important points only from the book rather than reading the whole book for example – you may refer the index and which ever chapter seems more similar to your topic you read only that and take notes . Reading newspaper also helps if you like writing about political issues or  general trends or issues  . And if you love reading then it’s perfect. 

2) Watching television 

Your all must be thinking how watching television can help you to collect information for your topic ,it’s basically for those who don’t like reading at all its really helpful for them they can watch news on t.v or inspirational movies and can collect content for their topic . 

3 ) Social media 

Social media is very important so that you can be connected with the latest trends,  it’s not necessary that you are active on social media , you can just use a different name and can make your account private and  keep a track on the latest trends  ( especially for introverts ) . 

4) Interaction with people 

Even by interacting with people you can collect information and knowledge, for example – if you want to write about struggle of office life and how to overcome them you can go and ask people about the difficulties they come across and how they overcome them . 

I hope my ideas helped you 

Love – p. G