From a very long time I wanted to write about the problems we all come across in our school or college  . 

1 The surprise test 

I don’t deny the fact that surprise test are very good for us , but still I hate surprise test sometimes I am prepared and sometimes  which happens a lot often I am not prepared and I think we all go through this situation . 

2   when they teach you something in class which is totally different from what comes in examination.  

It has happened with me a lot of time , teachers ignore the difficult part of a chapter and in examination most of the questions come from that part , that is why I do all the parts and chapters irrespective weather they are done in class or not . 

3  Mean comments  

I hate all those people who  pass mean comments and judge a person without even talking to them . The worst part is that I hate myself for that moment because I am not able to come with a perfect line at that moment  and after it is over all the perfect dialogues come in my mind . 

If  You have any such school experiences,  please feel free to share .  

Love – p.g