Hello everyone, 3 easy ways to share your budget . 

1 ) meal planning  

Meal planning is the first and the most important step for budget management,  in the beginning of the week you can plan meals for different days and can bring your grocery at one time ,this will save your various trips to grocery shop and at the same time you will have a proper menu plan for the whole week . 

2) saving half or the quarter  of the money you earn.  

Saving money is very important,  if you are single you can easily save half of the money you earn but in the case when you have the responsibility of a family it’s not possible to do much of saving but in that also you can save a quarter (less than half )  also , because saving is very important . For example if I have 100 dollar out of which rather than saving 50 dollars I save only 15 dollar  , that might help you . 

3) cutting out on your luxuries 

If you want to save your money or you are having  a budget problem ,it is better to cut out on you luxuries  like ordering food from outside or going for shopping every week or something else that is harming your budget . .

I hope all 3 ways helped you 

Love p.g