The things  I do as a book lover are very funny and sometimes mean . 

The first thing I do Is I never share a book , because some people are concerned others really don’t bother that how important that book can be to you , it has happened with a lot of my friends , that’s why I have  decided to never share a book with anyone ever . 

The Second thing I do is , I never leave a book in half no matter how boring it is . 

The Third thing is , I am very careful about my books cover , because they are the second best thing after the story . 

The fourth thing is , I hate when people interrupt me when I am reading a book and out of nowhere they start asking me questions about the book . 

The Fifth thing is that I buy too many books even if I have plenty of books on my shelf that I have to read . After buying I again do research for the next month .

I Hope you all liked my post . 

Love p.g