Our thoughts, ideas , and feelings shape our personality , 3 easy ways to tailor your personality . 

1) Pave your own road 

Dont expect someone to decide on your behalf, nobody better than your own self can decide what you want to do or be in your life . Don’t follow others , do what is there in your mind , dont be scared before taking your own decisions, sometimes it may turn out to be wrong but still you will learn from it . Don’t follow the crowd,  make the crowd follow you . 

2) Dont only learn from success stories,  learn from failure stories

If you actually want to develop your personality in a positive way , don’t only get inspired by success stories learn from the failure stories also because if you are aware of the success be aware of the failure as well .

3) Be curious 

Being curious is not a bad thing,  it is the best thing that you can do to shape your personality.  Those who continously ask questions are not stupid they are intelligent and more self aware than the one sitting quietly with the questions in their mind . 

Don‘t try to change , who you are try to be the best version of that

By positive guider