When they buried her….. 


What is the importance of a girl child for you ? 

Discrimination against girl child has been going through ages not only in India but many parts of the world . 

People believe in killing them even before they are born or she is buried the moment she is born into this world . 

Try to think a world without a  girl or a women,  you cannot . The people who kill them , they don’t realise that they are also given birth by a women who was a girl once . 

The most Astounding part is that the women whose child gets buried , is not able to raise her opinion they kill her child in front of her , in many cases these women’s are left helpless . 

Why does this world needs a son more than a girl ? 

80 % will answer because they can Carry their family name,  but I think that a women can carry her fathers plus hers husbands family name  , there is no field left where women’s have not achieved success,  but still every time I look at the world it seems to stand against girls even in 2017 ….. 

They also have dreams and they have the full right to achieve them . Please don’t Bury their dreams . 

We cannot change , what people think but we can try . 

Love p.g 


9 thoughts on “When they buried her….. 

  1. That’s so saddening! The world is evil and immoral, and sadly, they won’t see the truth that Jesus made everyone special– man and women. No child should die from men’s hands. A beautifully written post!

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  2. This world is corrupted! It’s their lives to take. Girls should be left independent, they are a blessing to the family. I just wish those people would realise that.

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