What is the importance of a girl child for you ? 

Discrimination against girl child has been going through ages not only in India but many parts of the world . 

People believe in killing them even before they are born or she is buried the moment she is born into this world . 

Try to think a world without a  girl or a women,  you cannot . The people who kill them , they don’t realise that they are also given birth by a women who was a girl once . 

The most Astounding part is that the women whose child gets buried , is not able to raise her opinion they kill her child in front of her , in many cases these women’s are left helpless . 

Why does this world needs a son more than a girl ? 

80 % will answer because they can Carry their family name,  but I think that a women can carry her fathers plus hers husbands family name  , there is no field left where women’s have not achieved success,  but still every time I look at the world it seems to stand against girls even in 2017 ….. 

They also have dreams and they have the full right to achieve them . Please don’t Bury their dreams . 

We cannot change , what people think but we can try . 

Love p.g