What makes a leader different from others ? His qualities. 

We all want to become leaders but we are not able to understand where we lack , 4 qualities that you need to be a good leader .

1) Acceptance of failure 

They will never run away from failure on the contrary they learn from their failure . A leader not only has to cope with his own failure but also his team members failure also.  

2) Good leaders never quit easily 

leaders never quit easily,  they don’t live on a fake hope . They believe in creating their own future , even after encountering failure they keep on trying to achieve their goal . Good leaders are goal oriented, they don’t rely on fate for success.  

3 ) Doing work themselves  

You will never see a good leader sitting and passing orders , he /she will be a part of that work . She / he will not ask people to pick up paper from the ground they will get up and do that themselves.  

4) They will never leave their group members behind and will motivate them 

They will not only motivate their own self but their group members also . Along with their own prosperity they will make sure their group members prosperity also .  Good leaders will never leave his / her group members behind even in the most difficult time . 

Maybe we are not leaders or we don’t want to be a leader but 4 things that we can learn from this article is 

1) Never run away from failure 

2) Don’t quit easily 

3) Do your work yourself 

4) Never leave those people behind who have been with you during your difficult time . 

You cannot change , who you are but you can try to become a better person every day . 

Love p.g