How to run a business….

3 important things for running a business.  

1)  Make a plan 

Planning is very important for running a business,  business cannot work without planning. You have to find a way not an excuse,  planning can make an business work and can destroy a business that is the reason why planning is the first and the most important thing for running a business. 

2) Budget management 

Budget is very important,  you cannot use all the money invested in your business at one time , you have to plan and work out your budget . It even helps you to work on your business and money management skills . Always remember a small leak can sink a great ship .

3) Broadcasting 

NO body will buy your product until unless  they come to know about it , so publicity plays an important role in business . There can be different kind of publicity like social publicity , home to home publicity and market publicity . 

I hope my ideas helped you all 

sometimes you think that you are being buried but you are actually getting planted …. 

Love p.g 


8 thoughts on “How to run a business….

  1. Commenting on your first point, I’d like to add that it’s quite frustrating how startups with great ideas often fail to produce a strong business plan – even at the very beginning: executive summary. So, very spot on there.

    Another thing I’d like to point out about budget management is that small business owners need to be emotionally disciplined about spending. A budget is just as good as the person who invents it.

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