Hey guys , today I will be talking about 4 things that we all go through. …

1 The feeling that nobody understands you . 

We all go through this feeling . Sometimes others are not able to understand you, but the best thing that can help you is to embrace the situation because you can not change the situation  . The realisation of self worth is also important, it doesn’t matter what people think about you the thing that matters is what you think about yourself.  

2 letting go of things 

Sometimes it can be very tough for even letting go of the smallest of things in your life but we have to learn it , we have to be more open to new things and change in our surrounding , then only we will be able to understand our own self.  

3 fighting the dream world 

We All have our own secret world , which sometimes helps us to fight few situations but we cannot live forever in that world , we have to come out of that world and face the real situations.  

4 shyness 

This is not common in everyone but those who go through this can realise that how tough sometimes it turns out to be ,   the person is not even able to indulge in a proper conversation , they are afraid of expressing their opinion,  the best way to fight this is to push yourself towards people , try to make friends and develop the importance of self worth .

Not all people are made sugar and spice and everything nice some people are made of adventure, fine beer ,brains and no fear . 

Love p.g