Once upon a time , there use to live a man who was minister to the king . He had a very beautiful family one son and a wife , by working for the king he got a lot of luxuries .

One day a man knocked at his house and told the servent that he wanted to meet the minster , when the minster came  the man who was a brahmana  (priest ) asked if he could get some food the minister kindly welcomed the man into his house and gave him some food , after eating the food the minister asked the brahmana ( priest ) for his blessing for his son who was very lazy , rude and unkind to people  , he replied that his blessing is always there and before going, he told the minister that your son can learn kindness by only one way , when he is made to realise about how grateful he should be for his life . 

The ministry kept on thinking for a way , then suddenly one idea struck him what if he creates a trap for him and the bait will be the money and that actually worked , his son was ready to join him but then the minister kept a demand in front of his son that he could only join him if he went outside his luxury zone and observed how other works are done by people  .

So first he paid a visit to the king , his opinion about the king was a gullible fool who thinks that he makes decisions on his own but actually they were the decisions made by brahmanas (priest ) and as a result of following the brahmanas he was getting all the luxury he wanted , but it turned out that he was very busy he had no time even to eat something,  he was continously  planing strategy to protect his Kingdom from invaders . 

Then he paid a visit to the warriors,  he thought they were so stupid that they were ready to sacrifice their life for others but it turned out that they were not stupid they were brave and concerned about their people . 

Then he visited those people who cleaned the dirty pits , according to him such people did not even deserve to be alive but when he saw them cleaning all the dirt so that no one lives in a dirty environment he was amazed to see their dedication.  

When he came back to his father,  his father asked him about his opinion he replied that he was shocked no matter what was the work , people did everything with a lot of dedication. All work have their own importance no work is small or big , the effort and importance is the same that is why we should be respectful to everything we are surrounded with . 

Love p.g