Hi guys , I hope you all are having an amazing day . 

Many times in life we come across moments where our family life clashes with our work life …. 

3 easy thing that might help you to take out time for your family as well as work and not to  mix them . 

 1 Distinguishment between family time and work time .

Try to draw a boundary between family and work time don’t mix them , so that when your family needs you , you are there and for busy mom’s or dad’s try to get a schedule from the school/college of your child’s activity so that  you can rearrange your work before hand and you both are there at the school / college . 

2 Don’t get your office work at home 

The second most important thing that can disrupt your family life or work life don’t take your family work to office or office work to your house, and it all starts with picking calls from office or home so try to avoid that . 

3 realising the importance of relationship 

As independent individuals we cannot always balance between work life and family life , sometimes we are more on work side than family or more on family than work , but can try to manage our work relations and family relations that is something that is in our hands because this verses will never end but relations do end . 

Never blame yourself for something that you have tried and it still went wrong because you gave your 100 % , its not your fault that it didnt work 

love p.g