Today when I went for a stroll before the dawn , I was able to hear the sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves . Within 10 minutes the sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees , it was such an enlightening experience.  It made me realize that 10 minutes before the sunrise it was all dark and cold and now suddenly it was bright and warm but maybe that cold and dark environment was the Indication that something good was going to happen, whenever in life you come across such dark and bleak moments it doesn’t mean that you future will also be bleak it means that something beautiful is going to happen and you have to just wait for the right time. 


Sometimes  we just need to stop “look around” how beautiful our surrounding is , this doesn’t mean total inactivity it means taking out time for your own self and keeping other things on hold  automatically when you will start giving time to yourself you will start enjoying the beauty of your environment and you will come across with a better meaning of life as i did  . 

Love p.g