How to express your care for others 

Hi guys , I hope you all are having an amazing day . Generally many people are misunderstood because they are not able to express their care for other people  . 3 easy  ways to express your care .

 1 Small notes 

Sometimes we are not able to express our love for others , leaving a motivational note on wall /fridge or about how much you love them , may help you to express your care for that person better.  

 2 knowing them better 

To help a person and understand them , the most important step is to know them better,  what the person likes or dislikes.  Sometimes a person just wants someone with whom he or she can talk and share everything,  it’s a very good way to express your care by being there for that person .

3 small gifts 

Small gestures really matters  , you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to show your care and love, sometimes hand made gifts can make someone’s  day special. 

Love p.g 

Keep smiling 


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