There he was 5’7 ft tall , green gleaming eyes with a perfect high fade with loose pompadour standing outside the audition hall .

2 years EARLIER

Standing outside the ICU waiting for the doctor , as the doctor came out he told ray that his mother wanted to talk to him , when he was 12 he lost his father in a car accident and now his mother was there in the ICU after 7 years , He went inside and sat besides her on a stool holding her hand , his mother asked him to commit to her that he will do what his heart will ask him to do and will never break the commitment he will make to himself and always love his life . Look at the good things and ignore the bad things  , the moment he kissed his mothers hand and looked up his mother closed her eyes and he didn’t even try to wake her up because he knew that his mother was gone and he would only get hurt. At that moment he made a self commitment that he would  make his mother proud ………………….

………. 3 weeks later he shifted with his aunt , worked in a cafe did night shifts and joined music classes and as guided by his mother he always looked at the good side .

After his 2 years of struggle he was standing outside the audition hall .                                  His best quality was he was focused , ignored all the bad things that had happened in his life…………..

SELF COMMITMENT is a very important thing in a persons life , even for doing homework or paying bill on time its essential to be self committed . We are only successful in life if we respect our ownself , respect our commitments made to ourself , respect our emotions irrespective of others opinion . The real life story of the boy inspired me to be more respectful to my ownself only then i will be able respect others , I hope it helped you all as well , never stop smiling  because your smile is your only boat that will help you to cross the sea of difficulties .

love p.g