HEY guys , I hope you all are having a wonderful day .

Many times we are not able to express our views and feelings , even when we want to .

4 ways that will help you to express your feelings and emotions .

1 Making up your mind

Make your self realize – that your opinion matters as the opinion of others matter , your feeling and emotions are as important as others and you have the full right to raise them ,you don’t need anybodys permission to be who you are .

2  Talking to others

There is no harm to talk to new people . Indulge in conversation with other people more frequently , it will help you to express your opinions .

3 Gain awareness of your own emotions

Gaining awareness of your emotions is very important , question yourself about your emotions so that you are able to get at the root of your feelings . for example “I feel like throwing things why ? always ask your self “why ” , so that you can fight your emotions .

4 Accept your feelings

Sometimes its very tough to accept your feelings because you are scared of the person inside you that has a lot of feelings and people will take advantage of that but believe in yourself . Expression of your emotions is not bad .

Don’t compare yourself to others if you do so, you are insulting yourself. 

love p.g