meaning of creativity                                                     ( involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something )

Those who are intelligent does not mean that they are creative but those who are creative are intelligent .

The best part of being creative is that you dont have to find your imagination,  you can create it .

creativity is a way of living that helps us to embrace the fact that imagination also plays a role in our life . our imagination is the bridge for us to create anything we want to (writing , painting , music etc ) without our imagination we cannot create anything .

what you think you become , what you feel you attract , what you imagine you create – buddha                                                                                              To become creative its very important that we must lose our fear of being wrong and making mistakes  . A good idea becomes great when you let it out .

Creativity is like intelligence having fun  – albert einstein

Art is like a therapy for your stress , anxiety , depression and when i mean art it includes photography , writing , painting , acting , music and many other things . It does not have any limit , art is the journey to a free soul . Its the journey of seeing extra – orindary in the simplest .

My favourite 3  creative activities are  –


The best part of photography is that it gives me the freedon to capture the world and it makes night as beautiful as morning . A camera is a save button for the minds eyes . I can re-live any moment that i have captured in my camera just by looking at it again .


Description begins in the writers imagination but should​ end in reader’s – Stephen king                                                                             

I always keep this quote in my mind when i am writing , writing has given me a identity that helps me to express my views with my words , from the day i started writing as positive guider  to today i have learned so many things . I write because there is a voice within me that wants to share her experiences and i want to learn more and more and never stop learning .


I love painting because i love playing with colours , it helps me to express my emotions . I can create many things which help me to play with my imagination . painting is just another way of keeping a diary . When you paint there is no limit , the sky can be pink or green whatever you want . Painting is the best way to express who you are .

what are your favourite creative activities ?

love – p.g