Sometimes when you sit with your mobile/laptop/pen and paper to write your blog /article you  are not able to find the appropriate topic or even if you’re able to find the appropriate topic the content for the topic is obscure . The main reason for being stuck in this vicious triangle ( from sitting for writing to finding a topic to finding the content for the topic) motivation is really important and most of the time you are not able to find the perfect motivation from others , so here it is “3 ways to self motivate​ yourself ” –

1) listening to music 

Sometimes listening to music may help your mind to freshen up and by the lyrics of the music you are also able to find some interesting words . 

2) reading quotes 

Quotes really plays an important role for self motivation , every day before going to office or college/school open your mobile and read few quotes that might help you to get some motivation.

3) going for a walk or a outing 

If your mind is totally blank and you are not able to find words for your topic , go out for a outing or a walk look at other people , observer things around you , few ideas may strike . 

I hope my opinions may help you

Love p.g