There was a writer , she was very beautiful and after her first successful novel ,she became quite popular among all ages and then after few years of extra effort and one more successful novel , her novels became famous for their happy endings .

after so much of success , she decided to write her third novel “the triumph in the ending” and by this title u can guess it was all about happy ending and triumph . In short  how a man from a poor family achieved everything he wanted to and after writing the book she did not seemed happy with the ending , she decided to take a detox from her writing and went to maldives and there she met a man  , they use to go for long walks on the beach , talk for hours , one  day she had a conversation with him  about her novel and told him the problem about the novels ending , he asked her only one question why do you want a happy ending for your novel and her reply was because she was popular for  happy endings ,he laughed on her and told her that when novels are inspired​ by real life then why do they always have an happy ending , we have both types of endings​ in our life , happy and not so happy endings , why doesn’t she realize that for a change she should try to write a novel purely inspired by both types of endings  it is not something like happy ending are bad they are actually the true helpers especially when everything is going wrong around you , such novels helps us to gain the believe that happiness is actually there but there is no harm in reading something that is not so happy because that is also a part of our life . after this whole conversation with him she actually realised that she was not happy with her novel because it seemed so unreal for a person to achieve so many things without facing any difficulties , because every time you cannot achieve a triumph , difficulties are the real triumph because they teach us so many things in the end that even success cannot teach us and at the end the writer  did not achieve a triumph either (like the man who achieved everything in her novel )  but she learned a lot of things. 

Love p.g