The story of self revelation 

Many people try to become who they are not

before proceeding further i would like to share a story ,

there use to be a boy  in my class always talking about his money , girlfriend ( actually make it girlfriends ) , and how popular he was indeed he was popular and always laughing . I never saw him being worried about anything not even exams not even in the subject he use to flunk in , I use to think how lucky​ he was so lucky until i came across the fact that his parents were getting divorced​ and he was just trying to run away from the real him , and after listening this I realised that we all in a way try to run away from our real us .

we all should just try self revelation (meaning of self revelationrevelation of ones own thought , feeling and attitudes )

you dont need to make a deliberate attempt you just need to be who you are without creating a wall around you and in some way we all do that , guiding yourself how to behave is ok but obsessing over it and becoming someone different just to avoid the situation is wrong , every time you cannot fight the situation sometimes its necessary to accept it the way it is. long back ago  i also use to get conscious about being loud , saying what i wanted to say but after that boys incident i realised its very important to accept the situation otherwise it eats you from inside , so i hope from today onwards every 5 minutes in 24 hours you will take out time to just understand your ownself even if you are going through a rough situation . 

love p.g

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  1. That was spot on ..very accurately explained ! We tend to become judgemental about ourselves and in the process tear ourselves down. If only we take time to look back each step , reflect on why we think that way , slow down a bit , look around us and realise that noone is perfect but everything lies in acceptance of ‘what is’ we would have peace of mind

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