The  Struggle  of a boy , represents a true story .

I am  a psychology student , i have been studying psychology for 2 years now this year we have lot of case studies  and i am really thankful to my teacher because of  her i got  the chance to interview this little boy of 14 years old and came across his struggles .

so in india we have this system of dobhi (meaning a person who comes to our home everyday and collects our cloths for ironing ) so everyday his son use to come to collect the cloths . one day i asked him if i could take his interview for my case study and he said yes .

I asked the boy 2 questions “why dont you go to school?” and “are you happy with your life ?” 

His reply  for the first question was , i dont go to school because i want to support my family though my father earns enough that he can send me to a good school but its my decision so that i can help my two small sister and can  become something big in life . His answer to the second question was , Happiness doesnt lie in always living for yourself sometimes it is good to help and sacrifice for other , its nothing like i am not living my life even i have dreams and i know that i will achieve them .

my point for sharing this post is  to highlight the tenderness in his words (The words of a 14 years old ) and how meaningfully he said everything . what is the meaning of tenderness its gentleness and kindness and that is there in his words .

It is easy to look up at people who have everything in their life but tough to look down at people who have nothing .

love p.g