Life out of the door there is a big reason behind these words .. I would like to share an excerpt from my life .

For last 3 months I have been on bed rest and I realised that how much I was missing going to school , walk and all other things that I use to hate doing ,  generally people say that you don’t realise the importance of a thing until unless it’s taken away from you ,  always remember that   the things you run from comes back to you in the same or different  way  but it does come back to you . 

My point of writing this is to make you realise that there is no point of running away from the situation , the best way is to fight it out .  

Tomorrow is never , it’s always today . 

We always have 2 choices 

  • To Give the knock out punch to the situation or 
  • Give up  

Every time you go out of the door to live your life , live it to the fullest , don’t worry about loosing a piece of you out there in the world , just fall in love with it . Make mistakes three to four times just to make sure it is a mistake don’t carry the heavy burden of sins . Our life will always be perfectly imperfect

Eliminate all the worries because you don’t know about tomorrow. In the hustle of making your tomorrow perfect don’t  ignore you imperfect today because they are the only moments that will make you smile .

Keeping smile 

Love p.g