We all know that pictures don’t talk , but have u tried to understand what a picture is trying to say …. 

Let’s take a notice at different pictures and try to interpret their meaning. .. 

It’s a very different and unique photograph 

The photograph  tells our entire life journey and from deep inside we all know that we never want to grow old .

But still we have to accept some changes , good or bad just embrace it with a positive mind 

sometimes  we change ourselves to be someone else. ….

You all must be thinking ,thats not even possible my two selves that’s impossible but the truth is  …. some people become doctor but they want to become a writer or I am a doctor but sometimes I have to compress my opinions and voice in front of others  or maybe I am not who u really think i am .. these examples are enough to understand what is happening in the picture . Always remember you select , and change your own circumstances and life , maybe sometimes it’s good to take a stand .

sometimes what u see and believe is not true . Sometimes what u see is not true but what u believe is true , sometimes what u see is true but what you believe is not true and sometimes both are true…… think (if you believe you have a brain)

What is the first thing you see broken glasses,  hopeless photo .. but if u concentrate and see you are able to see a beautiful sunset . That’s how life is you have to find it even in the broken pieces of glass .

Love – positive guider  

Plz share your opinions. ..