Hi guys , how are you all ? I hope fine , so let’s start with top 5 inspiring positive quotes…


It depends  on you that u want to do a certain  thing today right now without thinking about the results or some day ……

I Am not perfect are u please tell me if you are because we all  know that we are not perfect and we have to embrace that fact it is better to do that right now rather than later. … we all are perfectly imperfect. ..


Jealously , it’s better to hate a person rather than being jealous from them ,we all are kings and Queens and it’s better to help with the other person’s falling crown rather than to make it fall … 


We all are suffering with some problems but the thing that matters is that after the leaves fall they do grow again on the tree more stronger and brighter ..

After a lot of rain there is always a rainbow similarly after the dawn there is a sunrise. …  by positive guider 

Thank u 

Love -p.g plz share ur opinions