Hi , salut,  namasta, hola etc

We all are from different places , different cultures, and different families but u know where we all connect that we all have dreams and we want them to covert into reality , before talking more about it I would like to share a excerpt from my life ……….

There I was , standing in the mall looking for a gift for my mother , the mall was beautiful full of all kind of brands (my dream brands ) so finally I went into a shop full of clothes and when I looked at the price I was shocked it was above  my price range ……. later when I entered the house i saw my mother’s smiling face and guess what I bought for her some flowers and chocolate cake , I said sorry to her that I was not able to gift her something expensive and asked her that why it is  always me who suffers all kinds of problems and you know what she replied she said that it is easy to look up to people who have everything but tough to look down and compare yourself with people who have more problems than us and how grateful we should be for the life given to us . 

So as I was saying earlier we all have dreams ,but your motive should be to fulfill them and not to get discouraged by what all other people have and u don’t on the contrary we should look at people u have lesser than us and that we have such an awesome life and we have to respect it By -positive guider

Love -p.g